What is a Service Truck

What is a Service Truck

A standard pickup truck works fine for employees who carry out very basic jobs that require just a minimal quantity of tools. Ridgeback tough trade bodies allow drivers to separate all the items they require on a day-to-day basis, which conserves time and gets rid of inconveniences.

Service Truck assemblies that connect to a truck chassis for tasks such as towing, disposing, or product storage and delivery. Truck bodies are created to match vehicle-specific requirements, however, and are typically custom-made.


Truck bodies are generally made from aluminium, steel, fibreglass, or composite materials. They consist of tilters and dumpers, truck bodies geared up with cranes or hoists, and both insulated and cooled units. Dispose of bodies or dispose of truck bodies are designed to fulfil light responsibility truck, medium task truck, or strong truck requirements. Platform bodies or platform truck bodies have steel stakes and stake racks and can be covered with a tarp. Box truck bodies, as their name suggests, have a box-like shape and doors for filling and unloading cargo. Crane bodies or crane truck bodies are equipped with cranes of varying heights and capabilities. Aluminium haulier bodies are normally discovered on pickup. Cooled truck bodies connect to delivery automobiles that carry milk, produce, and other disposable products.

The Difference Between Aluminum and Steel Truck Bodies

For decades, steel has actually been the metal of choice throughout the market for truck bodies. While steel has many advantages in terms of strength, an increasing number of truck makers and fleet owners are turning their attention toward aluminium as a viable option. The rising popularity of aluminium truck bodies has actually brought about the interesting steel vs aluminium dispute.

As with steel, there are many advantages of aluminium truck bodies. Aluminium service bodies are for those who are looking for a more flexible truck bed option.

Truck owners who require a new truck bed typically must pick between steel and aluminium. After comparing all the elements, Aluminum beds seem to be the much better option for truck owners and the instructions most truck beds will take in the future.

Pure aluminium usually has one-third of both the weight and strength of steel. Aluminium truck beds are made from aluminium alloys that are considerably more powerful than pure aluminium. These alloys are still more than 95% aluminium, with metals such as chromium, titanium, zinc and copper consisting of the majority of the remaining five%. Other metals are likewise present in small amounts to further tailor an aluminium truck bed’s qualities.”By adding aspects like magnesium, lithium and silicon to pure aluminium and through special processing methods, aluminium can be engineered to be as strong if not more powerful than some steel.” The overall strength of an aluminium bed is typically similar to that of steel.