The Importance Of A Dual Battery System And How To Choose The Correct One

dual battery system

A dual battery just refers to a vehicle’s dual battery system that contains a second or additional battery that’s been fitted as an extra to the car s original factory-installed battery. Usually the second battery is placed in a separate compartment in a vehicle’s engine bay, on a rear shelf, in load area at the back of a truck, booter or SUV, or somewhere in between. The second one is connected to the electrical system of the car using a transfer case or wire harness and is powered by the original car battery. The reason for the installation of these second batteries, which are known as “divert” batteries is to supply power when the main battery is being used.

The Importance Of A Dual Battery System And How To Choose The Correct One

A “Divert” battery isolator regulates the flow of electricity, so that only the required amount of current is used by the motor or alternator. In other words, it stops the alternator from “hopping” when the engine is running. They are very useful for use on construction sites and mobile services, where a sudden overload of electricity can be very dangerous. A good quality dual battery system will have an isolator built into it. It’s a simple circuit to install and can be removed without too much hassle, if the vehicle is not moving.

These isolators are also useful on motorcycles. They stop the bike’s engine from running if there is a sudden overload of electricity. They are easy to install, and the cost of the unit is not really high. When the vehicle isn’t moving, it may be a good idea to keep the dual battery system, but make sure to disconnect the isolator before starting the engine again. This will prevent damage to the alternator and battery from being done while the engine is running.