‘Angel Fire’ Released Today!!

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Angel Fire (Bandit Creek Paranormal Romance) – October 1, 2012

Someone is burning down houses in Bandit Creek, and fire fighter Jason Briggs is destined to stop him.

Keira has been protecting Jason for decades against his death-baiting habits, and now she has to protect him from a danger unlike anything she ever anticipated.

Working together, they must stop the unstoppable. A phoenix whose fire burns hot enough to incinerate souls.

One is determined to catch a killer.

One is desperate to save the other.

One will fail.

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‘Bootleg My Heart’ Released Today!

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Delia Becker returns to Bandit Creek in search of the man who killed her dad several years earlier. She reopens her late father’s garage and hires the attractive stranger Jackson Durant to help her out. Only after she catches Jackson snooping around does she realize her new mechanic has a mysterious past.

Revenue man Jackson Durant arrives in Bandit Creek looking for the rum runners operating in the south east corner of Montana. Working undercover as a mechanic at Joe’s Garage, he finds himself falling for the garage’s owner, Delia Becker. The only problem is, all evidence points to her being part of the rum running gang he’s after.

Will their growing love for each other overcome the secrets that are spilled late one night on Lost Lake road? Or will Delia’s desire for revenge drive them apart?

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‘My Heart Burns’ Released Today!

My Heart Burns released today! Pick up your copy from Amazon today!

A woman’s got to do what her heart tells her – that’s become my motto. I’m Mackenzie Delaney and I realized that fact – and acted on it – before it was too late. Instead of marrying the man my parents had chosen for me, I answered the calling in my heart and headed west to Bandit Creek to fulfill my dream of being a doctor.

Sheriff Dan Wilson added a twist to my dream. Strong and true, he was intent on keeping the peace in his town – by fighting off bandits and keeping women of debatable reputation out.

He succeeded with the bandits.

He found me more of a challenge.

Let’s just say we came to a compromise.

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‘The Ghost and Christie McFee’ Released today!

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When Christie McFee reads about the gold hidden at the bottom of Lost Lake, she decides to put some adventure in her life by diving for treasure. But when she meets Gaven St. Michel, the Divemaster on La Bonne Aventure, she starts to think that treasure can be whatever you want it to be.

If only Christie could figure out how to deal with the two ghosts who are haunting her—one of them wants her help, and the other wants her dead.

‘Wedding Fever’ Released Today!

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Bandit Creek’s star reporter is about to have her life turned upside down!

Liz Templeton lives a quiet life with her mother, her mother’s best friend, her boss, and–oh yeah–the ghost of her teenage daughter. When her ex-husband returns to town to hunt for the legendary Lost Lake treasure, she doesn’t count on the pair of matchmaking mothers who are planning her wedding or her daughter’s obsession with the man who might be her dad.

Liz has one chance to stop her family from driving her insane…and falling head over heels in love with her ex isn’t part of the plan.


Sheila Seabrook’s WEDDING FEVER is a romantic tale involving sunken treasure, lost love, and a ghost that will capture your heart. Once this story has you in its grip, it won’t let go! ~ Julie Rowe, author of ICEBOUND.

‘A Night to Remember’ Released Today!

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A Night to Remember (Contemporary Romance) – June 15, 2012

Bandit Creek native, Savannah Vaughn, returns to her small, picturesque hometown to help care for her ailing grandparents, and hasn’t once regretted her decision to leave her glamorous, fast-paced life in the Big Apple behind. After being callously dumped by her ex, Savannah throws herself into her work to forget the pain, the heartache that seems to engulf her. Savannah’s been burned so many times by love, she’s given up all hope of ever finding Mr. Right, or having a family of her own.

Then, suave, charismatic businessman, Michael Mosely walks into the restaurant she manages, and turns her quiet, uneventful life upside down!

Her new boss is a lean, muscled hottie with dashing good looks, and every time he smiles at Savannah, her knees go weak. Michael is all wrong for her. He’s a player, a master of seduction, the kind of man who breaks hearts. Or is he? Can the reformed bachelor prove to Savannah his feelings are real? Or will her fears and insecurities keep them apart?

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‘Twice Shy’ Released Today!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of ‘Twice Shy’ by Jill Christie today! Available in Kindle and Alternate formats!

Leaving Bandit Creek was the best thing Stacy Jones ever did. Returning is the last thing she ever wanted to do.

Unfortunately it’s her only option. If she wants some questions answered, she needs to go back and confront her mother. If she doesn’t get the answers she needs, her whole future is at stake.

Eight years ago she ran away when the guy she loved betrayed her in the worst possible way. She’s healed from those wounds but can she ever forgive?

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Carla Roma Interviews Jill Christie about ‘Twice Shy’

Hi, I’m Carla Roma and welcome to Bandit Creek, a small town with a mountain of secrets.  The first time I met Jill Christie it was Easter Monday in Manchester, England.  And she was a little worse for wear and had just finished rolling down a hill. She bowled me down. Right Jill?

JC: That’s a slight exaggeration. I was Pace-Egging! During the ten years that I lived in England it was a tradition. I was racing down the hill to catch the eggs so the kids could roll them down again. I tripped. <blushes, laughs> I’m not always the most coordinated person.

Carla: <grins> And alcohol wasn’t a factor?

JC: Well, considering that Pace-Egging consists of following a play from pub to pub, and then ending in egg rolling on the green outside the last pub, the Ring O’ Bells. I had a half-pint of beer in each of the seven or eight pubs along the way, I may have been a bit tipsy <smiles>.

Carla: You’ve made a surprising move recently. You’ve lived all over the world and now you’ve moved back to your hometown. I never thought I would see the day.

JC: I know, I know. I think I said it several times that I would never return to live in my hometown. I’ve lived so many places – Jamaica, England, and various cities in Canada.

All I ever wanted to do growing up was to move away and explore the world. It surprised me that I wanted to move back to my hometown. Be closer to family and open my own business.

Carla: Speaking of, your main character in TWICE SHY Stacy Jones, reluctantly returns to her hometown, Bandit Creek. Sort of like you when you were younger?

JC:  Yes and no. Wanderlust and finding a place to fit in were my main reasons. Stacy left Bandit Creek because she had a horrible upbringing. Then was betrayed by the one person she trusted more than anyone.

Carla:  And she returns why?

JC: There are several questions about her upbringing that need to be answered. So she goes back to confront her mother, Mary.  And of course, she runs into Brendan, the man who betrayed her.

Thankfully she has a support system. When most kids run away at sixteen like Stacy did, they end up on the streets. Stacy landed on her feet. Sarge, the owner of the Powder Horn had helped her run away and placed her with a loving couple.

Her foster father and Sarge both are there for her.

Carla: And this novella has a ‘Five Bandit’ rating? It has some spicy scenes?

JC: <pauses, considering> Well, yes. It is an erotic romance, and it has some pretty sexy scenes. But it has some light BDSM elements so it automatically gets that rating. I would say it’s more a ‘Four Bandit’ book. I would call it a sweet erotic romance.

Carla: I didn’t know such a thing existed. A sweet BDSM erotic romance? <laughs> So what else is on the horizon for Jill Christie?

JC: Well, I’m planning to release a sequel to TWICE SHY in mid-August.

Carla: And we get to know more about Sarge? I would love to know more about him.

JC: Yes we get to know more about Sarge. He finally leaves Bandit Creek. We get to know more about the ex-military hardass. Plus there will be more BDSM, and not quite a sweet this time.

Carla: Well, I can’t wait to know more about Sarge! It was great to chat with you again Jill. Next time we’ll have to meet in a pub. <winks> TWICE SHY will be available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com on June 1, 2012.

JC: Thanks Carla! Don’t forget, you can follow me on Twitter or visit my website!

‘Witch in the Wind’ Released Today!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Brenda M Collins ‘Witch in the Wind’ today! Available in Kindle and Alternate formats!

Bandit Creek has a new magical dimension, The Otherland.

When murder strikes in Bandit Creek, and the victims aren’t who they seemed, powerful guardian warlock, Marcus Egan, is sent from The Otherland to investigate. What he doesn’t expect to find is Avalon Gwynn, the grieving daughter of the victims, who has no idea she’s an extraordinary, hereditary witch. And Avy’s pent up magical abilities have just been set free in the mortal world.

Can Marcus catch a killer while making sure Avy doesn’t bring Crow Mountain crashing down on the town—destroying Bandit Creek for the second time?

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‘Heart of Mine’ Released Today!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of ‘Heart of Mine’ by Award Winning Author Michelle Beattie. Available in Kindle format.

To avoid a forced marriage, Laura Gibbs has little choice but to go along with her controlling father’s plan to deceive the man she’s secretly loved for years. Scared and alone, she lies next to a drugged and sleeping Jake knowing fully well the position she’s putting him in. Jake Evans has been burned in the past and has learned the hard way that nobody is interested in him, only his money. So when he wakes to find Laura in his bed, he’s convinced that she’s yet another in a long line of women who only wants his share of his recently inherited gold mine. A fact soon confirmed when her father storms in the room and demands Jake make an honest woman out of Laura, lest he be charged with rape and hanged. A bitter Jake agrees, but vows that money-grubbing Hugh will never see a cent of his money. As Laura gains freedom from her oppressing father, she also gains courage. Determined to make a real marriage with Jake, she refuses her father’s demand that she steal from her husband and instead concentrates her efforts on showing Jake the woman she truly is. Despite Laura’s deceptions, Jake can’t deny his attraction to her. With the physical attraction sizzling between them, Jake begins to believe he’s finally found the woman for him. But there’s trouble brewing. Hugh, neck-deep in gambling debts with no money in sight, seeks drastic measures that won’t only risk Laura and Jake’s marriage; it’ll risk her very life.

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