‘Christmas On The Run’ Released Today!

Christmas on the Run released today! Pick up your copy from Amazon and Smashwords today!

Christmas on the Run by Louise BehielWhen Ramon Ramirez is found not guilty of first degree murder, Adelina Ramirez grabs their six year old daughter and leaves Atlanta, determined to keep him from taking Sadie to Brazil and keeping her there.

A bad snow storm on an almost-deserted road in Montana forces Lina to stay in Bandit Creek for Christmas. New friend Todd Black is bound to help the quiet woman and her child. He knows there’s more to her story than she’s saying, but it’s none of his business.

In the midst of Christmas preparations and a record snow storm, Ramon tracks her down. He doesn’t care about Lina but he wants his daughter and he’s going to take her.

With Todd at her side, Lina is forced to confront her worst fears. Together, they will face Ramon and forge a new future – a gift from her Christmas on the Run.

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‘A Night to Remember’ Released Today!

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A Night to Remember (Contemporary Romance) – June 15, 2012

Bandit Creek native, Savannah Vaughn, returns to her small, picturesque hometown to help care for her ailing grandparents, and hasn’t once regretted her decision to leave her glamorous, fast-paced life in the Big Apple behind. After being callously dumped by her ex, Savannah throws herself into her work to forget the pain, the heartache that seems to engulf her. Savannah’s been burned so many times by love, she’s given up all hope of ever finding Mr. Right, or having a family of her own.

Then, suave, charismatic businessman, Michael Mosely walks into the restaurant she manages, and turns her quiet, uneventful life upside down!

Her new boss is a lean, muscled hottie with dashing good looks, and every time he smiles at Savannah, her knees go weak. Michael is all wrong for her. He’s a player, a master of seduction, the kind of man who breaks hearts. Or is he? Can the reformed bachelor prove to Savannah his feelings are real? Or will her fears and insecurities keep them apart?

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A Bandit Creek Miracle released today!

A Bandit Creek Miracle is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords (other formats)!

City girl Amanda Bailey arrives in Bandit Creek to replace the bank manager who is on maternity leave. After surviving her first day at work, Amanda spends a toe-curling night in the arms of a Hollywood-handsome local cowboy.

Several doctors had predicted Amanda would never conceive a baby, a devastating side effect of her successful cancer chemo treatments. But she is both shocked and elated to discover a few weeks later that she is pregnant!

Joyful thoughts of motherhood swirl in her head, but the baby’s grandfather threatens Amanda with his unwelcome demands. Protecting her professional reputation by keeping her condition a secret in this small town is the least of her worries when she discovers something is seriously wrong at the bank.

The local gossip-mongers hit an all-time low when rumors abound that Amanda herself is the thief and is covering her tracks by accusing one of the locals.

Amanda must fight to save her career and her reputation, but will this temporary work assignment prove to be her ruin?

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‘Witch in the Wind’ Released Today!

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Bandit Creek has a new magical dimension, The Otherland.

When murder strikes in Bandit Creek, and the victims aren’t who they seemed, powerful guardian warlock, Marcus Egan, is sent from The Otherland to investigate. What he doesn’t expect to find is Avalon Gwynn, the grieving daughter of the victims, who has no idea she’s an extraordinary, hereditary witch. And Avy’s pent up magical abilities have just been set free in the mortal world.

Can Marcus catch a killer while making sure Avy doesn’t bring Crow Mountain crashing down on the town—destroying Bandit Creek for the second time?

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‘Quinn’s Christmas Wish’ Released today!

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As far as twelve-year old Quinn is concerned Christmas has lost its magic. Since his father’s death life has lost its sparkle. His mom is now a widow struggling to put food on the table. Quinn is no help, and the mysterious illness afflicting him only makes things worse. Even Christmas, complete with decorated trees, ribbons and bows has no meaning…then along comes Jazira.

Jazira doesn’t know what happened to her former self, the eleven-year old little girl. She drowned, didn’t she, along with half the other folk of Bandit Creek in 1911? Somehow, she’s grown four furry legs complimented with a large wolf head and body. Scared and alone, she reaches out to Quinn and a strong bond is formed. Jazira learns Quinn, and his mother, are threatened by a wealthy powerful citizen of Bandit Creek. She is determined to protect her new family, no matter what.

Christmas Eve finds Quinn staring up at the adorned tree and muttering a quiet prayer. Will the Spirits of Christmas grant his wish, or will the evil surrounding Bandit Creek prevail once again?

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Carla Interviews Jazira from Lawna Mackie’s ‘Quinn’s Christmas Wish’

Carla Roma interviews Jazira from Lawna Mackie’s Quinn’s Christmas Wish
I’m certainly excited about today’s interview. Up until now I don’t believe I’ve had a chance to interview a Bandit Creek resident who actually lived in the town back in 1912. What a thrill! No sense wasting time I’m sure you are all as excited as I am.
Carla: Jazira I have to say you are a beauty, and more importantly you don’t look a day over twenty-five. How is that possible? You claim to be over 100 year’s old.
Jazira: I guess I age well.
Carla: That would be an understatement, but we’ll let you keep your secret. So, Jazira, tell me what was Bandit Creek like when you were a child.
Jazira: Bandit Creek has its moments. It’s a beautiful place, but certainly not ordinary. Things changed when the flood hit.
Carla: Yes, I can image the whole town changed because it was gone. The flood took care of that. Now, you say you were in the flood is that correct?
Jazira: Closes her eyes and nods her head slowly. My mother, father and myself were in a wagon when the water hit us. I remember hearing the screams. The water was so cold. My parents drowned.
Carla: I’m very sorry dear. Can you tell us how you managed to survive?
Jazira: I was pulled from Lost Lake by Samuel Campton. He was a nice fellow. He married Amanda Drake and the two of them raised Quinn and myself.
Carla: Oh yes. Quinn Drake. I remember reading about him also. He had rare illness and it was said people feared the devil had possessed him. To this day we have no record of his whereabouts, or if he’s alive.
Jazira: Smiles sadly. He’s alive, though I haven’t seen him in many years. We were best friends but we had a falling out and I haven’t seen him since Amanda’s funeral. We both left Bandit Creek.
Carla: A falling out? Sounds sad. And you say he’s still alive. He must have the same secret you have. Back then folks said the two of you were destined to marry.
Jazira: I did something he couldn’t forgive me for. But I’ll leave it at that.
Carla: Okay. Well let’s move on. Tell us a bit more about Bandit Creek.
Jazira: Back when I was in school, people weren’t always nice. To this day the town is full of bizarre happenings, superstition and death. But some folks such as that nasty George Ellis didn’t deserve to live.
Carla: Bandit Creek has had its share of villains. How about we talk about something happy. Christmas is almost upon us, do you have plans Jazira?
Jazira: She reaches up to her neck fiddling with an odd necklace of sorts. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I will always remember my Christmases with Samuel, Amanda and…Quinn. It’s been many years since I’ve been back to Bandit Creek. I may go back for Christmas this year.
Carla: The necklace you’re wearing looks very old, it could almost resemble a collar.
Jazira: It was a gift I received for Christmas many years ago. I never part with it.
Carla: It must have come from somebody very special. Care to share who gave it to you?
Jazira: I think that’s another secret for me to keep.
Carla: It’s been a pleasure Jazira. I do hope you’ll stop back again to let us know how your visit goes should you decide to visit Bandit Creek this Christmas. And if you happen to see Quinn Drake, I’d love to interview him as well.
Jazira: Thank you Carla. Bandit Creek is sure to be interesting this Christmas.

Carla Interviews Steena Holmes about ‘Unknown’

Hi, I’m Carla Roma and welcome to Bandit Creek, a small town with a mountain of secrets. And this month has been a doozy. Go figure that it would take Steena Holmes to discover one of the beloved pastors of Bandit Creek had the biggest secret of all. But first – let me tell you how I met Steena. There’s this little chocolate shop in a beautiful town called Banff, Alberta. It’s off the main street but local gossip had it that it was quite possibly ‘the best chocolate’ you’ve ever tasted. So of course I had to check it out. When I walked into this shop, there was this woman wearing a gorgeous silver scarf at the counter. She was literally drooling over one of the displays. She picked up a sample piece of fudge and the look on her face was priceless. It was as if she’d been raptured. Did I just possibly meet my chocolate soul-mate?

Steena: Well of course you did! Was that not the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever tasted?

Carla: I’ll admit it. Yes it was. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve been to the chocolate factories in Switzerland and Germany. I’ll never forget the look on your face though–

Steena: Orgasmic. It’s still my favorite.

Carla: Okay, that made me laugh, considering you write erotic romance under a pen name. I have one question for you – is there chocolate in your Thriller “Unknown”?

Steena: Really, Carla…do you even need to ask that? My writing motto is “in the end, everything succumbs to chocolate”.

Carla: Forget I asked :) Okay, let’s talk about secrets.

Steena: I love secrets! Especially when they belong to someone else and I get to figure them out. Like Nathan Hanlin, ex-pastor of Faith Outreach. His secret is huge.

Carla: Here’s a question that I’m dying to know. Why do you emphasis that he’s an ex-pastor? Does that make a difference?

Steena: Sure does. Nathan is a man who gave up everything to serve God only to have his life literally fall a part. His idyllic marriage was about to end, he has major mother issues and then poof – his pregnant wife dies. He has every right to be angry at God. He actually says he doesn’t believe in God anymore.

Carla: I know that has to be significant for a reason. Care to share?

Steena: Remember that little café we met in when you asked me to write a Bandit Creek story?

Carla: The one with the chocolate scones? Oh wait … I see where you’re going with this. The Nephilim.

Steena: Exactly! Wasn’t that scone delicious? Yes, the Nephilim. This story is basically about a man whose world is about to get rocked. Big time.

Carla: But that’s not all that it’s about, is it?

Steena: Sure isn’t. There’s an old ancient myth that’s come to life, demons show up out of no where, demonic crows are talking out loud and one of the most loved characters may end up dead.

Carla: Dead? Oh Steena, did you have to go and kill one of my darlings?

Steena:  Sorry Carla. Nathan’s father (a fallen angel btw) has a plan and he’s not willing to let anyone get in the way of that. Even if it means he has to kill them. You’ll have to wait to see though – Nathan may just in be time to save a life. Who knows! Nathan’s story doesn’t end in Bandit Creek though. You can follow his journey of discovering his true identity beginning December in Nephilim Arise.

Carla: I’m still reeling that little tidbit you just revealed. Okay, so Devil Unknown is definitely a story for the history books of Bandit Creek. Make sure you pick up your copy today. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

‘Siren’s Song’ Released Today

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After giving up fame, Joss Jones just wants a normal life.  Maybe she’ll find it in Bandit Creek.  Or…maybe not.  From the moment she moves into the old mansion she inherited, she’s stalked by a ghost who enjoys tormenting her before dragging her back in time to Bandit Creek, 1899.  Has she gone crazy or is this old mining town, full of saloons, gambling, whoring and fortune seekers her new reality?  It feels real enough as does the ghost who brought her here.  His name is Morgan Hawes and he’s a living breathing human being who is very much alive.  Is Morgan Hawes the key to Joss finding her way home or is Joss stuck for the rest of her life as the Siren of Bandit Creek?

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Keep reading, below there is an interview between Carla Roma and DL Snow about ‘Siren’s Song’!

Carla Interviews DL Snow about ‘Siren’s Song’

Hi, I’m Carla Roma and welcome to Bandit Creek, a small town with a mountain of secrets.  In all my travels I’ve found that the world is a paradox; both vast and diverse while somehow remaining surprisingly small.  A few years ago, I was on assignment in Japan where I was covering a story on the haunted forest at the base of Mount Fuji.  I ran across an English language newsletter and in the newsletter was a funny story by DL Snow.  Imagine my surprise to find DL and I hail from the same part of the world, although we didn’t meet until I returned to Canada.  Today, it is my pleasure to interview DL Snow about her book, SIREN’S SONG, the second story in the Bandit Creek series.

Carla:  Before we get to SIREN’S SONG, would you mind relaying the story I’d read about in the newsletter in Japan?

DL: My most embarrassing moment, you mean?

Carla:  That’s the one.

DL:  (sigh) Okay.  It was a beautiful day, the orange blossoms were in full bloom and I was riding my bike home for lunch from the high school in Wakayama prefecture where I taught English.  I was wearing a breezy, cotton skirt that day and was feeling rather romantic as it blew in the wind while I rode down main street…that is until the skirt got caught in the spokes of my bike and was torn completely from the waistband, leaving me…ahem…semi-naked.

Carla:  Oh dear!  What did you do?

DL:  Well, the wheels wouldn’t turn and the torn skirt had me trapped on the bike.  So, I picked up the bike and, with it stuck between my legs, waddled backwards off the street and up against a building hoping to hide the fact that I was clad only in my underwear.  Unfortunately, I had backed myself up against the glass window of a café.  Not pretty.  In an effort to get away from the window, I fell over.

Carla:  Did anyone help you?

DL:  (groan) Yes.  Some men were working on a building across the street and came running to my aid.  I yelled in English for them to go away and then yelled a few random Japanese words, “Mikan dai yo!”  Which means, ‘Big orange, I assure you.”

Carla:  So, how did you get out of it?

DL:  Honestly Carla, I don’t remember.  I think I’ve blocked the rest of the experience from my memory.  But, when I returned to school after lunch, teachers I barely knew came up to me asking if I was okay and why I’d changed.  Word travels fast in small town, Japan.

Carla: I love that story.  Can we talk about SIREN’S SONG now?

DL: Please!

Carla:  Joss Jones is the main character in SIREN’S SONG and she travels back in time.  Can you tell me about her?

DL:  I don’t know about you, but I think most people secretly – and often not-so-secretly – want to be famous.  Well, Joss Jones has been famous since she was a kid and now she’s convinced herself that all she wants is to be normal, so she moves to Bandit Creek.  There’s only one problem…

Carla: …Bandit Creek is anything but normal?

DL: Exactly!  From the moment she moves in, she’s being followed around by a ghost.  Then she’s sucked back in time to Bandit Creek, 1899.

Carla:  What happens when she arrives?

DL:  First of all she thinks she’s lost her mind.  Then she tries desperately to get back home.  Finally, she tries to figure out why she’s there.

Carla:  Why is she there?

DL:  I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that Morgan Hawes is either the key to her finding her way back home or he’s the reason for her to stay.

Carla:  Who’s Morgan Hawes?

DL:  Morgan Hawes is the tall, dark mysterious man Joss believes is responsible for her being sucked back in time.  He has a habit of showing up at both the best and worst times and Joss thinks he’s another time traveler.  She’s pretty sure she’s supposed to help him get back home but he’s not very cooperative.

Carla:  You’ve written this story in first person.  Was that done for any specific reason?

DL:  Yes.  I felt first person fit this story best because I only wanted to show Joss’s point of view.  I wanted the reader to wonder, alongside Joss, whether Joss is simply crazy, half-dead and hallucinating or if she’s truly traveled through time.

Carla:  What was your inspiration for writing a time-travel?

DL:  Plenty!  One of my favorite romances as a young adult was A Knight in Shining Armor, by Jude Deveraux.  Then there’s The Terminator – loved the premise of that movie and in my opinion the first and second were by far the best.  Lately, I have been devouring Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  If you haven’t checked out these books, you must!

Carla:  What is your favorite scene from SIREN’S SONG?

DL:  I’d have to say that the last two scenes are my favorite (sorry, I know you only asked for one).  I still get chills when I read those scenes and I hope the reader will feel the same way!

Carla:  Thanks, DL.  Do you have any final words?

DL:  Yes, two things actually.  First of all, I want to thank Carla Roma for inviting me to join this wonderful group of Bandit Creek authors, I’m thrilled to be part of this project.  Secondly, I want to remind people to make sure to wear clean (and pretty) underwear whenever you leave the house…you never know when your skirt will rip off.

Carla:  Thanks for coming by today, DL.  You can find out more about DL Snow at www.dlsnow.ca.  Her book, SIREN’S SONG will be available from Amazon.com and Smashwords.com on October 1st, 2011. If you have questions or comments for me or for DL, please leave a response and we’d be happy to reply!