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November 29, 2017 TREATMENT

Durable Sliding Glass Door Coverings in Elegant Look

Sliding glass door coverings – sliding glass doors and large windows bring a lot of light into every home, making room appear more open and airy, but they also make home looks unfinished when they are naked. Use decorating tips on glass door and window coverings to create an elegant look that will not sacrifice natural light or usable doorways.

Bedroom Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Bedroom Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Give your sliding glass door coverings an elegant look with luxurious, beautiful fabrics. Choose velvet, silk, damask, even suede or leather to add a splash of color and softness to any window treatment. Bolts of fabric are available through specialty fabric and craft stores that offer substance in a variety of textures, colors and patterns. Buy a length of fabric approximately twice as long as width of window, bunch it up into a long roll and secure it at top corners of window. Treatment is simple, but richness of fabric will make it look expensive and well designed.

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Long vertical blinds make convenient, durable sliding glass door coverings. Vertical blinds are placed on a track, so you can pull them away from door at will. Blind can also be opened to let in light or closed at night to provide privacy. Vertical blinds have been made in all sizes from a variety of materials, such as wood or colored plastic. Carry theme throughout house, and add vertical blinds for windows as well as to provide all windows and doors coverings a consistent look.

Styles of Mini Blinds for Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors are a favorite choice for modern homes. Their design allows plenty of natural light into a room, while exceptional durability. Since these doors often lead to backyards, decks and patios, you should have window coverings that are just as functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing. In order to maintain this form and function, the home owner to invest in a variety of mini-blinds on its glass door.

Faux wood mini blinds has grown in popularity in recent years. They offer the same benefits – relatively easy to clean and convenient – as other materials, but provides a different look and style. Depending on the manufacturer, they come in a variety of tones, from light wood to dark cherry, and can be custom ordered from some manufacturers. Their design and function are the same as other types of blinds even the pieces are sometimes a little heavier. Another option is to invest in the real wood black even though these tend to carry a significantly higher price. Additionally, faux wood materials generally treated to withstand wet weather, bonus of real wood, which tends to warp under these conditions.

Panel track blinds work well on most sliding glass doors and give the appearance of a room divider. They are large panels of cloth rolled individually to cover the window. Another take on the traditional mini-blinds, they are made of a synthetic substance called Origami. It is a woven fabric that allows a certain degree of visibility when closed, can be washed like normal curtains and comes in five different colors. The track is one of the thinnest, lightest available and can stand alone or be covered with a Valance. The standard panel size is 25 x 37 inches and can be customized through the company.

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