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How to Change Bathtub Drain

Tub drains wear out and break down over time, which requires exchange them for a new drain. Removing a bathtub drain can be a challenge when you have to deal with plumber’s putty that seals the connection between the drain and the drain pipe under the bath. ┬áPlace the handles of a pair of tweezers extension drain port if the drainage has a grid. Slide a large screwdriver thick, between the handles of the locks of the canal. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to unscrew the drain opening in the tub.

Awasome Bathtub Drain

Awasome Bathtub Drain

Insert a drain cock at the drain opening if your bathtub does not have a grid. Turn the dial on top of the drain cock to the right to expand the key until it fits snugly into the bathtub drain. Set a pipe wrench to the top of the drain cock and turn to the left to eliminate the leakage.

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Apply silicone caulk to the underside of the lip of a new drainage. Pass the drain opening of the bathtub drain pipe through the hole in the tub, turning the drain clockwise until tight. Use the key or drainage canal locks and the screwdriver configuration as before, just turn the drain clockwise until firm.

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