How to Install Waterfall Faucet

Mar 10th

To install waterfall  faucet, make sure you have :

Best Waterfall Faucet
Best Waterfall Faucet

• Keys appropriate to dismantle the old bath mixer

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• waterfall faucet again

• cotton cloth

We begin immediately with the general turn off the tap water supply. It is very important not to forget this step, in this way we will work more quietly. Now we open the tap of the tank by placing the lever, if it is a mixer, the water cold. We dismantle then also the hose connected to the shower and let the water drain from the entire plant. When the tap stops dripping, it’s up to mean that the water system is now without water, so we could start working for replacement.

With the help of the wrench, loosen and screws Remove the two nuts that allow our tap to be connected to the wall. Once the bolts are fully loosened notification, we will remove the group from the wall. When reassembling make sure to take advantage of the new seals that have been given supplied to the tap. Then settle the seals in the new faucet, riposizioniamolo properly in the old housing and, when we are sure of having hit the holes, always with the tongs, we provide to reassemble. Beware though, with the jaws of the pliers we could spoil bolts tap, then the suggestion is to put a cloth to protect them.

Us ensure that the nuts are tight beautiful, connect again the shower hose. Then we go to re-open the main tap water, back to the bathroom and check that our work has been performed to perfection. At this point we just have to enjoy in full effect waterfall offered by our new faucet.

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