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How to Rebuild Faucet Aerator

Faucet Aerator Image

Faucet Aerator Image

Faucet aerator becomes clogged with mineral deposits over time. The aerator obstructed reduces the flow of output water from the tap. It also causes rivers to shoot out from the tap side instead of down the sink. You can clean an aerator by removing it from the tap. Replace aerator if cleaning does not solve the problem.

Education to rebuild faucet aerator: put a strip of masking tape around the aerator. Grasp the aerator with pliers. Turn the aerator counterclockwise to remove it from the faucet. Remove the rubber pad that is located inside the end of the faucet. Remove the filter assembly from the ring aerator metal pressing on the screen. Set the filter parts over the counter in a row.

Put the pieces together in vinegar at least an hour. Scrub all over with toothbrush and rinse with water after soaking. Check the rubber washer. Replace if worn or broken. Place the rubber washer back into the end of the faucet. Putting together the pieces back into the filter housing that starts with the screen. Insert the bush after the screen followed by the mixer and flow restrictor.

Set the filter housing in the ring aerator metal in the same position from which it was removed. Reconnect the faucet aerator and turn on the water.

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