How to Use a Faucet Wrench

Oct 1st


Top Faucet Tap Wrench
Top Faucet Tap Wrench

1. Turn off the water supply to the house so water does not flow when the tap is removed. The valves are usually found near the water meter, where the pipes enter the house.

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2. Turn the faucet handles for the faucet wrench in “On” position to drain the water lines.

3. Remove the decorative cap on top of the handle by sliding a screwdriver under the cap and popping out using the screwdriver as a fulcrum.

4. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw under the cover. Lift the handle and unscrew the lid that fits over the stem by turning it counterclockwise with a pair of channel-lock pliers which grip arms adjust to accommodate various widths.

5. Select the appropriate socket wrench size, available from a home improvement store in 2010 to less than $ 20, and push the plug on the stem and down on the lock nut at the base of the stem which is recessed into the wall.

6. Turn the wrench handle counterclockwise to remove the nut. Reassemble the faucet following the removal procedure in reverse.

7 .Turn on the main water supply of the house, turn on the shower handles in the “On” position, and check for leaks from the faucet wrench.


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