Ideal Sliding Glass Door Doggie Door

Nov 4th

Sliding glass door doggie door – Dog doors are very convenient for people with pets. Your pet can use the door itself, without the need for you to jump every time it wants in or out. Different types of sliding glass door doggie door are available. Some require of them having to cut a hole in a door or wall, and installation of the door there is, while others are designed to fit as an additional panel in a sliding glass door, and are easily installed within a few minutes, typically without tools. The quality and characteristics of these sliding panels varies, so it is important to decide what features you need and how strong it is requires a dog door for your circumstances.

Small Sliding Glass Door Doggie Door
Small Sliding Glass Door Doggie Door

The Ideal fast fit sliding glass door doggie door is a lightweight sliding panel that is extremely easy to install. The main portion of the panel is 1/8-inch tempered glass in an aluminum frame with plastic parts. The flap for your dog is made of transparent vinyl. For ease of installation, and the value for the money, this is an excellent sliding panel door. Because of the lighter construction is best used in more temperate climates.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a Sliding Glass Door Doggie Door installed in Stucco Walls

Cut a hole through your stucco wall to install a dog door may seem a bit extreme. But when done correctly, a through-wall doggie door offers some distinct advantages for you and your pet. The key to success however, lies in the proper setup.


Dog doors installed in a panel of a sliding glass door limit your choices for places to let your pet get in and out of the house. Installing a dog door in a stucco wall can more potential locations to choose from, making the door more convenient for you and your dog.

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Generally speaking, a through-wall dog door more insulation against extreme weather conditions than other types of dog doors. For example, a glass door insert virtually no protection against wind, rain or extreme temperatures.

There are some additional considerations in locating a through wall pet door in comparison with finding a more traditional dog door. You will need to ensure that there are no tools that run through the part of the wall where you want the doggie door. If there is electrical wiring or plumbing, you must either select a different location for the door or redirect the utilities.

If you want to place the dog door under a window. Remember that it is usually more wood to cut through and you may need to install a mod before installing the door. Each lip from window frames can interfere with the slide-in panel that you would use to seal the pet door temporarily.


A dog door installed in a wooden door or slipping in as a panel of a sliding door requires minimal effort and skill when it comes to installation. Install a doggy door to your stucco wall takes a little more time and skill.

A through-wall dog door is usually more robust. It is also better at keeping dirt, leaves and other debris out of your house. If you choose to remove the dog door from your wall. Patch plaster and stucco are generally much easier to patch than to try to replace some of the wood of your oak door.

If you buy one for yourself through the wall framing dog door, you need to frame the opening, creating a short tunnel for your dog to travel through. Most of the wall doggy doors fit between your wall studs, which simplifies installation. If you have a very large dog, however, and must remove a wall stud to the door so that it fits. You should install a header in the opening to ensure the integrity of the wall.

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