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October 16, 2017 DOOR DECOR

Installing Hydraulic Door Closer Combination

Hydraulic door closer – Combination screen and storm doors are a great way to fix the exterior of your home. Not only combos screen / storm added design and style to your home, which add extra insulation during the winter months and help, prevent drafts from cold air at the entrance of your home. The doors are designed as screen doors, but have inserts glass doors that are placed on the screens during cold weather. The inserts allow you to enjoy the benefits of a screen door in the summer and a storm door in the winter without having to change the door completely. Remove the screen door of age and any hardware attached to the door jamb, where the new door will be locked. Check for old nails, pieces of loose paint and old weather-stripping. Clean and repair the doorjamb before installation of the new door. Check to see if the door opening is level and even.

Walk in Hydraulic Door Closer

Walk in Hydraulic Door Closer

Open the packaging surrounding the new combination screen door. Locate the hardware closed the door and tell it to ensure that everything has been packed properly. There should be a list of hardware included at the beginning of the instruction manual. Remove the door inserts storm door and stood aside. Slide the lid in place with the hinge side against the doorjamb to be attached to. Make sure the door will open in the desired direction. Adjust the door to the height is adequate to the height of the door opening. The top of the door should be near the top door jamb, but there must also be some room for adjustment and cleaning. Mark the location on the doorjamb by creating small pencil marks above the top of the door where the door frame of the screen is at rest when the door is in the correct position. Pencil marks will help you easily adjust the door if it slips during installation.

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Open the door while holding the frame in place. Locate the screw holes in the frame, and attach the door to the jamb with the screws. Tighten all screws. Attaching accessories hydraulic door closer to the screen door using the holes drilled at the factory. Locate the point on the doorjamb where the nearest door attached, and pre-drill holes corresponding to the holes in the hardware. Connect the hardware. Slide the hydraulic door closer mechanism in place and tighten all the screws. If the mechanism and hardware arrive in one piece, simply lengthen the hydraulic mechanism and activate the stop until you have finished attaching the connectors to the door and door jamb. Put weather stripping around the door to the end. Most doors have slots designed specifically for placing weather-stripping. Check to make sure the door opens, closes and fastened properly. Adjust accordingly.

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