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October 17, 2017 DOOR DECOR

Make Wreaths for Front Door Style

Wreaths for front door – Wreaths of fresh flowers to the door or on the wall are welcoming. A wreath around a candle on the table sets the mood for an elegant occasion. Crowns are suitable for almost every setting and events. Make a crown is not difficult, but it takes time and an abundance of flowers. Tackle a wreath for a table as its first wreath draft decisions. It is less difficult to make a wreath of flowers hanging.

Amazing Wreaths for Front Door

Amazing Wreaths for Front Door

Make wreaths for front door, cut an inch from the stems of flowers and foliage with floral scissors.  Prepare a wreath base. Soak floral foam in water for 30 minutes. Put the foam on a saucer. Fill the pan completely with foam so as to form a circle. The foam should be three to four inches above the lip of the tray.  Place the candle in the center of the foam.  Fill the crown with vegetation. Cut vegetation from four to six inches long with a bare stem two inches. Remove sheets from these two inches, if necessary. Tuck the ends of the stems at the crown so it is covered with vegetation and can barely see the foam. Pay special attention to the edges of the foam.

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Image of: Awesome Wreaths for Front Door Style
Image of: Awesome Wreaths for Front Door
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Image of: Beautiful Wreaths for Front Door
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Image of: Nice Wreaths for Front Door
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Image of: Wreaths for Front Door Design
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Image of: Wreaths for Front Door Style

Make wreaths for front door beautiful; Cut the stems of large, such as roses, peonies and lilies flowers, which are three inches long. Divide the flowers so they are equally spaced around the crown.  Cut the stems of the flowers of medium size, such as carnations, chrysanthemums or daisies, three inches long. Place them in the middle of large flowers. Also place on the sides of the foam. Complete the crown filling in the gaps with bunches of tiny flowers such as baby’s breath.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths for Front Door

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a dime smart for your front door. Make your kronor save money and create exactly the style you want. With a variety of supplies from your local craft store and a couple of ideas, you have everything you need to show your artistic skills and creativity makes the crown Valentine for your front door.

Garlands of vine heart-shaped wreaths and polystyrene are available at most craft stores. Wrap the tape Valentine theme tightly around a crown of foam in the shape of a heart. Add a large silk bow red or pink on the bottom of the crown for decoration. Use stencils to draw hearts and cupids in red, white and pink metal foil. Cut pictures out of the sheet, and hot glue them the crown of life. Alternatively you can use the letter entry stencils to cut out the words: “Happy Valentine’s Day” to be pasted on the crown.

Hot glue silk roses red, white and pink around a grapevine wreath to hang on the door. Add small plastic cupids or hearts among the roses for decoration more. Use all white or pink flowers with some red and pink flowers in the middle. Wrap a string of clear lights around the crown of life before adding the flowers to create a chandelier that lights up.

Other ideas include a wreath made of wood and a wreath in the heart tissue. Cut a wooden ring to use as a base. Use of wood residues heart from craft store. Paint the wood hearts or cover all of the fabric. Paint a thin layer of glue on each and sprinkle glitter to make them sparkle. Hot glue the hearts on the ring of wood. Make a crown heart tissue sew fabric hearts together. Hearts of plush fabric are available and work for a three-dimensional crown of hearts fabric. Create your own hearts plush fabric by sewing two pieces in a heart shape identical fabric together and fill the two parts with padding.

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