Unique Monogrammed Door Mat

Feb 8th

Monogrammed door mat offer a unique type of personalized flare to inputs of both commercial and residential spaces.  Unlike custom carpets with vivid graphics effects and often complex, doormats monogram have simple arrangements of letters that are representative of an entity business, name of a person, or any number of other significant things.

Welcome Monogrammed Door Mat
Welcome Monogrammed Door Mat

Idea of monogrammed door mat may seem new to some, but practice of customizing an entry with symbols actually dates back to as early as Old Egypt.  History is rich in ancient civilizations known to have adorned entrances and interior wall spaces with monograms and other symbols to represent idols, real figures, natural forces and other important social influences.

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There are several ways to format a monogrammed door mat.  Unfortunately, this can cause confusion in application of monograms signs, marketing materials and doormats. Because there are many ways to show a monogram, passersby cannot “get” message to first sight.  This is a major problem for businesses than for households, since context is more easily understood in residential environments.  It is easy, for example, to discern that a series of 2 or 3 letters represent a name or initials of couples.  On contrary, it may be more difficult to interpret meaning of a monogram for a business.

DIY Monogram Door Mat

Improve your doorstep with this modern DIY monogram doormat, or give it away as a great housewarming gift. To start creating a template by printing the letters you want. Make sure the letters are nice and big, about 5-9 “tall.

It was my first attempt at key art, but it was not my last. I love to find creative ways to upcycling anything I can get my hands on, and that includes buttons. There are many sewing projects you can do with leftover buttons, but as you mentioned. The reason you are getting rid of them is because you do not sew anymore.

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Therefore, let us turn these buttons to a chic monogram frame to hang in a child’s bedroom door, or a whimsical mantel. To make it look more attractive and nice, turn your head forward when rod pocket sewn.


Next cutting the letters by means of an exacto knife. When cutting, be careful to leave part of the centers of the letter attached to the stencil, or you will have to carefully tape it on afterwards. Place the cut template on the doormat in the correct position and tape it in place. Here was the template located in the lower right corner for a modern look.

To begin stenciling tape your stencil in place and take your Paint Marker and color in the stencil. Although this project can be done with paint and fabric medium or spray paint, you will get much more sharp letters with paint marker and does not change the texture of a thick layer of paint and medium power. Even better, it’s cheaper to buy a paint marker, and it’s easier to touch up sections of the stencil with the marker than a brush.

After the paint has dried, gives a quick layer of spray paint protective coating and let the new monogram doormat dry overnight before you put it out.