Carla Interviews Steena Holmes about ‘Unknown’

Hi, I’m Carla Roma and welcome to Bandit Creek, a small town with a mountain of secrets. And this month has been a doozy. Go figure that it would take Steena Holmes to discover one of the beloved pastors of Bandit Creek had the biggest secret of all. But first – let me tell you how I met Steena. There’s this little chocolate shop in a beautiful town called Banff, Alberta. It’s off the main street but local gossip had it that it was quite possibly ‘the best chocolate’ you’ve ever tasted. So of course I had to check it out. When I walked into this shop, there was this woman wearing a gorgeous silver scarf at the counter. She was literally drooling over one of the displays. She picked up a sample piece of fudge and the look on her face was priceless. It was as if she’d been raptured. Did I just possibly meet my chocolate soul-mate?

Steena: Well of course you did! Was that not the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever tasted?

Carla: I’ll admit it. Yes it was. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve been to the chocolate factories in Switzerland and Germany. I’ll never forget the look on your face though–

Steena: Orgasmic. It’s still my favorite.

Carla: Okay, that made me laugh, considering you write erotic romance under a pen name. I have one question for you – is there chocolate in your Thriller “Unknown”?

Steena: Really, Carla…do you even need to ask that? My writing motto is “in the end, everything succumbs to chocolate”.

Carla: Forget I asked:) Okay, let’s talk about secrets.

Steena: I love secrets! Especially when they belong to someone else and I get to figure them out. Like Nathan Hanlin, ex-pastor of Faith Outreach. His secret is huge.

Carla: Here’s a question that I’m dying to know. Why do you emphasis that he’s an ex-pastor? Does that make a difference?

Steena: Sure does. Nathan is a man who gave up everything to serve God only to have his life literally fall a part. His idyllic marriage was about to end, he has major mother issues and then poof – his pregnant wife dies. He has every right to be angry at God. He actually says he doesn’t believe in God anymore.

Carla: I know that has to be significant for a reason. Care to share?

Steena: Remember that little café we met in when you asked me to write a Bandit Creek story?

Carla: The one with the chocolate scones? Oh wait … I see where you’re going with this. The Nephilim.

Steena: Exactly! Wasn’t that scone delicious? Yes, the Nephilim. This story is basically about a man whose world is about to get rocked. Big time.

Carla: But that’s not all that it’s about, is it?

Steena: Sure isn’t. There’s an old ancient myth that’s come to life, demons show up out of no where, demonic crows are talking out loud and one of the most loved characters may end up dead.

Carla: Dead? Oh Steena, did you have to go and kill one of my darlings?

Steena:  Sorry Carla. Nathan’s father (a fallen angel btw) has a plan and he’s not willing to let anyone get in the way of that. Even if it means he has to kill them. You’ll have to wait to see though – Nathan may just in be time to save a life. Who knows! Nathan’s story doesn’t end in Bandit Creek though. You can follow his journey of discovering his true identity beginning December in Nephilim Arise.

Carla: I’m still reeling that little tidbit you just revealed. Okay, so Devil Unknown is definitely a story for the history books of Bandit Creek. Make sure you pick up your copy today. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

‘Penny Candy’ & ‘Hard Candy’ Released Today!

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Coming home to Bandit Creek seemed like a good idea to Penny Anderson, especially after things start to rekindle with her old high school sweetheart and candy store owner, Craig Baxter. But, she can’t forget the other reason why she’s here… To finally discover the truth of her mother’s death so many years ago.

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Penny Anderson is sick of the questions that keep running around inside her head. Coming home to Bandit Creek is her opportunity to find out the truth of her mother’s death, as well as to discover if the flame still burns brightly for her high school sweetheart. Only, she never reckoned on the unexpected lust for not one, but two men. Craig Baxter and Douglas McKenzie have their sights set on Penny and they aren’t about to let her go.

Warning: contains ménage, male on male action and gratuitous sex involving hard candies and cherry pie filling…

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Carla Interviews Jade Buchanan About ‘Penny Candy’ & ‘Hard Candy’

Hi, I’m Carla Roma and welcome to Bandit Creek, a small town with a mountain of secrets. The first time I spotted Jade Buchanan I knew I’d met a fellow adventurer. We were on a cruise that went up the coast of Norway, and on the day we crossed paths we were both standing in the mud room of the ship, ready to jump into the arctic cold waters off one of the islands in Svalbard. We quickly bonded over our shared experience of freezing our butts off! Jade has traveled the world; she lived in the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East, has ridden a camel in the desert, tangled with sea snakes, eaten miscellaneous meat in more places than she can remember, and walked barefoot through glacial waters at the top of a mountain. Today it is my pleasure to interview Jade Buchanan about her two books, PENNY CANDY and HARD CANDY, the third releases in the Bandit Creek series.

Carla: Before I get to your contributions to the Bandit Creek series, do you want to tell the story of our arctic swim, or should I?

Jade: I better tell it. You’ve been known to embelish a time or two—

Carla: Ha! And you would never do that!

Jade: Of course not. I’m sweet and innocent. Really. No one believes me for some reason, but regardless, the day we met was one of many firsts. I had gone to Norway on my own and I swore I would try to do as many things as I could. Nothing was going to be off limits because I didn’t want to look back and regret holding back. Jumping into arctic cold waters was a thrill I actually want to repeat. Especially since they delivered on their promise of a shot of vodka for those of us who jumped! I don’t know if my body has ever gone through a shock like that before, but I couldn’t breathe when I hit the water. My mind hadn’t completely turned off, though, since I did an automatic swimsuit check when I came back up.

Carla: That would have been quite the show if you’d lost your swimsuit!

Jade: There were cameras on us, I wasn’t about to risk it!

Carla: Like me, I know you’re a bit of a world traveler. Do you use that in your writing?

Jade: I use anything and everything in my writing. I’m famous in my family for saying “that’s going in a book” whenever we get together and start acting like fools. I find the world fascinating and I want to see as much of it as possible. It helps that my tastes are incredibly eclectic, so I want to experience everything. It’s one of the reasons I was excited to be part of this series. So many books, all within different genres and with varying heat levels. It’s like taking a vacation and getting to experience everything at once.

Carla: Right, the books! We should talk about PENNY CANDY and HARD CANDY. First off, two stories?

Jade: Call me crazy, but yes!

Carla: How does that work?

Jade: When we first talked about Bandit Creek, I knew I wanted to write a story about a woman returning to her hometown and the man she once loved. Only, every time I tried to determine what would happen next, one of the characters would make a decision that would throw me into confusion. I finally realized that was what I had to write about. Our decisions shape who we are, who we end up with and where we end up. So, I wanted to write a story – two stories – that would explore that theme. PENNY CANDY and HARD CANDY are the result. Two parallel stories, two very different endings.

Carla: What happens in the stories then?

Jade: In PENNY CANDY, we have our heroine Penny Anderson coming home for two reasons. First, she wants to find out what happened to her mother so many years ago. Penny’s mom died when she was in High School. Her father quickly shipped her off to Houston and she’s only now returning to Bandit Creek. But, she’s also recently reconnected with her High School sweetheart, and Candy Store owner, Craig Baxter. Craig wants to rekindle their romance and Penny isn’t sure what she wants.

Carla: So, how is HARD CANDY different?

Jade: They actually start off the same way. Penny is returning home for the same reasons as she is in PENNY CANDY. The difference is one very big, handsome, bisexual one. Back in school, Penny and Craig had a mutual friend named Douglas McKenzie. Mack has a secret… he’s in love with Craig and he’s infatuated with Penny. In HARD CANDY I explore the dynamic between the three of them.

Carla: Who makes the decision that changes the story from a twosome to a threesome?

Jade: They all do, actually. Our lives are interconnected, after all, so in order for two people to become three there needs to be the right timing where all three are open to that kind of a relationship. I’m not sure if I’ll ever explore this kind of a dynamic again of writing parallel stories, but I’m still fascinated by the idea that our choices and decisions shape so much of what we become. I know, such a serious thought for someone known for her quirky and outrageous stories!

Carla: Definitely intriguing! So, inquiring minds want to know, what’s up with the GI Joes?

Jade: LOL! I was told years ago by Laura Baumbach that it can be a good idea to use GI Joes to mock up sex scenes so I went out and bought a few to help me picture in my mind where everything was supposed to go. Then I made the mistake of naming them and my boys took on a life of their own! Today they’re quite the characters, and I’ve added many more friends to their little group😉 You can find out more about them on my website:

Carla:  I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks, Jade! You can find out more about Jade Buchanan at Her two stories, PENNY CANDY and HARD CANDY will be available from and on October 15th, 2011. If you have questions or comments for me or for Jade, please leave a response and we’d be happy to reply!

‘Siren’s Song’ Released Today

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After giving up fame, Joss Jones just wants a normal life.  Maybe she’ll find it in Bandit Creek.  Or…maybe not.  From the moment she moves into the old mansion she inherited, she’s stalked by a ghost who enjoys tormenting her before dragging her back in time to Bandit Creek, 1899.  Has she gone crazy or is this old mining town, full of saloons, gambling, whoring and fortune seekers her new reality?  It feels real enough as does the ghost who brought her here.  His name is Morgan Hawes and he’s a living breathing human being who is very much alive.  Is Morgan Hawes the key to Joss finding her way home or is Joss stuck for the rest of her life as the Siren of Bandit Creek?

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