Carla Interviews Steena Holmes about ‘Unknown’

Hi, I’m Carla Roma and welcome to Bandit Creek, a small town with a mountain of secrets. And this month has been a doozy. Go figure that it would take Steena Holmes to discover one of the beloved pastors of Bandit Creek had the biggest secret of all. But first – let me tell you how I met Steena. There’s this little chocolate shop in a beautiful town called Banff, Alberta. It’s off the main street but local gossip had it that it was quite possibly ‘the best chocolate’ you’ve ever tasted. So of course I had to check it out. When I walked into this shop, there was this woman wearing a gorgeous silver scarf at the counter. She was literally drooling over one of the displays. She picked up a sample piece of fudge and the look on her face was priceless. It was as if she’d been raptured. Did I just possibly meet my chocolate soul-mate?

Steena: Well of course you did! Was that not the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever tasted?

Carla: I’ll admit it. Yes it was. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve been to the chocolate factories in Switzerland and Germany. I’ll never forget the look on your face though–

Steena: Orgasmic. It’s still my favorite.

Carla: Okay, that made me laugh, considering you write erotic romance under a pen name. I have one question for you – is there chocolate in your Thriller “Unknown”?

Steena: Really, Carla…do you even need to ask that? My writing motto is “in the end, everything succumbs to chocolate”.

Carla: Forget I asked:) Okay, let’s talk about secrets.

Steena: I love secrets! Especially when they belong to someone else and I get to figure them out. Like Nathan Hanlin, ex-pastor of Faith Outreach. His secret is huge.

Carla: Here’s a question that I’m dying to know. Why do you emphasis that he’s an ex-pastor? Does that make a difference?

Steena: Sure does. Nathan is a man who gave up everything to serve God only to have his life literally fall a part. His idyllic marriage was about to end, he has major mother issues and then poof – his pregnant wife dies. He has every right to be angry at God. He actually says he doesn’t believe in God anymore.

Carla: I know that has to be significant for a reason. Care to share?

Steena: Remember that little café we met in when you asked me to write a Bandit Creek story?

Carla: The one with the chocolate scones? Oh wait … I see where you’re going with this. The Nephilim.

Steena: Exactly! Wasn’t that scone delicious? Yes, the Nephilim. This story is basically about a man whose world is about to get rocked. Big time.

Carla: But that’s not all that it’s about, is it?

Steena: Sure isn’t. There’s an old ancient myth that’s come to life, demons show up out of no where, demonic crows are talking out loud and one of the most loved characters may end up dead.

Carla: Dead? Oh Steena, did you have to go and kill one of my darlings?

Steena:  Sorry Carla. Nathan’s father (a fallen angel btw) has a plan and he’s not willing to let anyone get in the way of that. Even if it means he has to kill them. You’ll have to wait to see though – Nathan may just in be time to save a life. Who knows! Nathan’s story doesn’t end in Bandit Creek though. You can follow his journey of discovering his true identity beginning December in Nephilim Arise.

Carla: I’m still reeling that little tidbit you just revealed. Okay, so Devil Unknown is definitely a story for the history books of Bandit Creek. Make sure you pick up your copy today. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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About carlaroma

Born in Madrid, Carla Roma is a writer first and a lover of adventure second. Her journalistic endeavors have taken her to every continent of the world where sheís written about a myriad range of topics. From lost treasure off the cost of St. Martinique, to the haunting of the temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Carla loves to cover stories that involve mystery, intrigue, adventure and romance. Following her passion has led her to make her home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Carla is the mastermind behind the Bandit Creek series of books which is an exciting new venture that she is thrilled to share with the world.

9 thoughts on “Carla Interviews Steena Holmes about ‘Unknown’

    • If I give that away Sharon then there will be no more chocolate there for me next time I go😉

      LOL … I can’t remember the name, I just remember turning down a little side street and voila – there is this chocolate shop. We’ll have to see if we can twist the name out of Carla😉 Maybe for a bribe or two…

  1. Hey there Steena!

    Chocolate, Demons, Fallen Angels, Chocolate, Secrets, Chocolate…oh did I mention Chocolate? What’s not to love! Can’t wait to read this one, good luck with this and Nephilim Arise. Hmmm…more chocolate I presume:-).


  2. It sounds great! I love this whole idea of Bandit Creek. And chocolate? Well, come on! Can’t lose.
    And….what chocolate shop are you referring to? You no, I gotta know:)

  3. I am heading out tomorrow to pick up a copy of your book. I’m so excited!!!! Congratulations!!! I would love to know the name of the chocolate shop that gave you that orgazmic experience, together with your new book will make it an amazing experience. I sounds like a you wont be able to put the book down.

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