Carla Interviews Trip Williams on ‘Silent Waters’

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Bandit Creek. I’m on the trail of Bandit Creek’s only male writer, Trip Williams.  At first, I thought that Trip was purposefully avoiding me, but soon I realized he is just that busy!  Always exploring and looking for new leads in the many mysteries that surround Bandit Creek, I finally caught up with Trip as he was coming back from a dive in Lost Lake. I patiently waited as he dropped his tanks and shed his BC vest and gear on the dock. Walking towards me as he stripped out of his wetsuit to the waist, I was a bit taken aback by his unabashed smile and confidence. Uhmm… and not to mention his healthy – condition.

Carla:        You are a hard man to catch up to, Trip – are you avoiding me?

Trip:    (Smiling, he sits beside me outside of Charlie’s Dive Shack) I never avoid a pretty girl, Carla. (He gives me a wink).  I heard you were looking for me but the water was too perfect for a dive this morning.

Carla:    So Trip, what’s it like being then only male writer amongst a bevy of female writers?

Trip:    (He laughs) What man wouldn’t want to have his own private harem?  Seriously though, these beautiful women are amazing writers and I feel very privileged to be a part of this with them.

Carla:    Your main character, Jake McCord, is rumored to actually be you…  How do you feel about that?

Trip:    Well… in all honesty, I guess he’s my alter-ego.  Sure, many of his character traits are the same as mine, but to be that good!  It’s a pretty tall order for any man.  To always win the day and get the girl is not exactly reality.  I can usually win the day but to get the girl (he laughs) is the hard part!  You gals can be fickle.

Carla:    So where did Jake come from?

Trip:    Jake was literally born in the jungles of Tanzania back in ’87.  He has been evolving ever since.  I was working there doing oil exploration when the whole “Mkeri” project was born.

Carla:    Mkeri?

Trip:    It’s a book series that I have been working on.  Mkeri is a village along the coast north of Dar es Salaam. Bandit Creek Books has offered me a platform to introduce Jake to the world.  “Fool’s Gold” was his first intro.  It is a light hearted tale that shows his personality.  “Silent Waters” shows you what I like to call the man behind the gun. You really get to know his mettle.

Carla:    So who is this “Colleen” that keeps appearing in your stories?  I hear that she isn’t quite so fictitious.

Trip:    (He looks away and smiles in contemplation).  Colleen is a very special gal who cuts may hair.  She’s beautiful inside and out, so that is why I have her on my cover of “Silent Waters.”

Carla:    Oh – a love interest maybe?

Trip:    (Laughing and shaking his head) No – just a gal I think highly of and a dear friend.

Carla:    Your story takes a different track from the other Bandit Creek books.  It has a 5 Bandit rating and you seem to have a fair bit of detail. Both graphic and settings.

Trip:    I have always believed that if you are to write a good story, you have to completely draw in your readers.  For me, that only comes with details to help with the visualization.  Sure, some things may be a bit disturbing for some, but that is why we have the Bandit rating system.  Life is not always a romance and even though this story is pure fiction, I have based it upon some real life mysteries and crimes.

Carla:    Care to elaborate?

Trip:    (Winking, he gives me that all too familiar cocky grin) Best leave that to the readers to piece together. After all, what’s a thriller without a little suspense and mystery?

Carla:    (Laughing) Well, it has been great to finally catch up with the elusive Trip Williams.  I can now see what all the talk is about.  I look forward to seeing the response to your Thriller as it launches on July 1st.  Thank you, for joining me today, Trip.  Everyone can join Trip for a chat and catch up on his blog at or follow him on Twitter @TripWilliams.  If you wish to chat with Trip personally, you can reach him at

His new Mkeri Series will be launching in the fall of 2012.

‘A Night to Remember’ Released Today!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of ‘A Night to Remember’ by Pamela Yaye. Click here.

A Night to Remember (Contemporary Romance) – June 15, 2012

Bandit Creek native, Savannah Vaughn, returns to her small, picturesque hometown to help care for her ailing grandparents, and hasn’t once regretted her decision to leave her glamorous, fast-paced life in the Big Apple behind. After being callously dumped by her ex, Savannah throws herself into her work to forget the pain, the heartache that seems to engulf her. Savannah’s been burned so many times by love, she’s given up all hope of ever finding Mr. Right, or having a family of her own.

Then, suave, charismatic businessman, Michael Mosely walks into the restaurant she manages, and turns her quiet, uneventful life upside down!

Her new boss is a lean, muscled hottie with dashing good looks, and every time he smiles at Savannah, her knees go weak. Michael is all wrong for her. He’s a player, a master of seduction, the kind of man who breaks hearts. Or is he? Can the reformed bachelor prove to Savannah his feelings are real? Or will her fears and insecurities keep them apart?

Read an excerpt.

Carla Roma Interviews Pamela Yaye on ‘A Night to Remember’

Hello Friends! Carla Roma here, and I’m back in Bandit Creek, interviewing one of my favorite romance authors, Pamela Yaye. When this busy wife and mother first suggested a sunrise hike up the Bitterroot mountains, I turned her down, but when she offered to throw in lunch at the Grey Rose—the only upscale, five-star restaurant in town—I readily agreed. I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with her, but the view is breathtaking, and I haven’t felt this good in months!  

Carla (panting): You don’t wake up at the crack of dawn every morning do you?

Pamela: Yeah, I do, but I go to bed super early. I get seven hours of sleep every night, and wake up feeling well-rested, and ready to take on the day.

Carla:  I read somewhere that you climbed the Great Wall of China. I didn’t believe it, but seeing you fly up this and steep mountain, has made me a believer.

Pamela: I did climb the Great Wall. Just ask my brother; I forced him to climb it with me! (laughs softly) I love being outside, and in the summer I bike for an hour or more every day. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and believe it or not, I do a lot of plotting while I’m out on my bike. Ideas come to me as I ride, and for some strange reason, the most sensual love scenes…

Carla:  Speaking of love scenes, your novella, A Night to Remember, has one that made me blush. (Fans a hand to her face) I had to drink two glasses of lemonade to cool off!

Pamela (laughs out loud): I’m just giving readers what they want. And my fans like scorching, hot love scenes. Even the little, old church ladies.:-)

Carla:  I’ve read all of your previous novels, and noticed that all your books start off with a bang. A Night to Remember is no different. I just love the opening scene.

Pamela: Me too! My favorite scene to write in every book is when the hero and heroine meet for the first time.  Nothing is off-limits, anything goes, and if I do my job right, two things will happen: The reader will be hooked from the first page, and she’ll fall in love with the hero at first “sight” (just like the heroine)

Carla: Well, I certainly fell hard for Michael Mosley. How could I not when he was so smooth  and debonair. Did you model him after a real-life person? Your handsome husband, maybe?

Pamela: I don’t know why, but I get this question a lot. My husband is a hottie, and definitely sexy enough to be on one of my book covers, but all of my characters are a figment of my imagination. I take great pride in creating strong, memorable characters, and I don’t cheat or cut corners when it comes to writing my romance stories.

Carla: The heroine, Savannah Vaughn, is a strong, feisty woman who speaks her mind, and does things her way. As you were writing, was there anything about her that surprised you?

Pamela: Yes, that she was so taken by, Michael, she slept with him the first day they met! I never saw that one coming, and I’m the author. (laughs) Savannah has been disappointed by men countless times, and burned by love, so this time around she’s determined to be smart. But Michael Mosley makes it hard for her. He won’t take no for an answer, and his kisses leave her weak. Poor girl. Truth be told, Savannah never stood a chance.

Carla: All of your novels have a hint of erotica in them. Any plans to write one in the future?

Pamela: I would love to! Erotica is one of my favorite genres, and I think I would have great fun writing a full-length story. I’d also like to write a Christian Romance in the near future. I know, I know, they’re on different ends of the spectrum, but why not? (Wears a cheeky smile) You’ve read my books. You know who I am… Sometimes I’m naughty, and sometimes I’m nice!

Carla: What’s next for you? Besides, killer hikes and long, bike rides, of course.

Pamela: I’m in the process of writing book one in my new series, Seduced by a Millionaire, and I’m having a blast with it. My next Kimani Romance, Evidence of Desire, will be released in September 2012. (Raises her eyebrows, and cocks her head to the right) Carla, make sure you keep a whole pitcher of lemonade nearby, because the love scenes in this book are ten times hotter than what I wrote in, A Night to Remember!

Carla (bursts out laughing): I’m so glad I was able to spend the morning catching up with Pamela Yaye. It was great fun! A Night to Remember, a Bandit Creek novella, will be available on June 15th at and Smashwords. To check out Pamela’s sexy new book covers, or to read excerpts of her novels, go to or visit her on Facebook.

‘Twice Shy’ Released Today!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of ‘Twice Shy’ by Jill Christie today! Available in Kindle and Alternate formats!

Leaving Bandit Creek was the best thing Stacy Jones ever did. Returning is the last thing she ever wanted to do.

Unfortunately it’s her only option. If she wants some questions answered, she needs to go back and confront her mother. If she doesn’t get the answers she needs, her whole future is at stake.

Eight years ago she ran away when the guy she loved betrayed her in the worst possible way. She’s healed from those wounds but can she ever forgive?

Click here to read an excerpt.