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A guide to safety, ease of use and other functions to help you choose the ideal one from the pack.

When you’re buying a cot for your new arrival, you need to think about security, ease of use, size, features and the option of purchasing pre-owned. You’ll also desire one that matches your design and budget plan. And If you’re looking for Baby cots online, just click this site.


Cots need to be licensed under the necessary Australian security standard AS/NZS 2172, however, OPTION has found cots on the marketplace that don’t comply. Take a tape measure with you to guarantee it fulfils the safety standards.

The distance from the top of the bed mattress to the top of the most affordable side when the dropside is closed must be at least 50cm when the base is embedded in the lowest position. The depth needs to be 30cm when the mattress base remains in the upper position. When the dropside is down, the depth ought to also be at least 15cm.

What You Need To Look Out for:

  • BSI number BS EN 716:2008 (this guarantees it fulfils all current security standards).
  • Slatted sides are stronger than dowels.
  • Design functions that may assist your back, such as drop sides and different bed mattress heights.
  • If you are looking to conserve area, a cot that comes with a cot top changer or under-bed storage.
  • A cot that comes as part of a coordinating furniture set if you are looking for nursery furnishings.
  • If you desire to move it from room to space, a cot with castors.
  • Space in between the bars ought to determine less than 7mm, between 1.2 cm and 2.5 cm or in between 2.5 cm and 6.5 cm.

Drop-sided Some cot beds and cots have one side rail that can drop down to offer better access for getting your infant in and out. Drop-sided cot beds and cots are especially beneficial if you’re brief or have a larger construct, as the drop-side makes it simpler for you to get your infant in and out.

Repaired Or Drop-Side?

Drop-side cots or baby cribs feature one side that slides down. These cots have been prohibited in the U.S.A. and Canada after flaws were found, in Europe safety standards require the drop-side to lock in the lower position. Drop-side cots are utilized in New Zealand but should comply with item safety requirements.

Drop-Side Advantages.

  • The drop-side makes it simpler to get your child or place them in their cot.
  • Beneficial for shorter moms and dads or those with back problems.
  • Easier to change bed linen when the side is dropped.

Drop-Side Disadvantages.

  • The moving parts can end up being loose or used in time, which is a security concern.
  • Can be difficult to drop the side while holding a child.
  • Can be less sturdy than fixed-side cots.
  • Typically more pricey.
  • Are becoming less popular – lots of makers are phasing them out.


Sleigh Sleigh cot beds are popular with moms and dads. The name originates from their wavy design, which makes them stand out from their straight-sided counterparts. When you’re buying, inspect that the sleigh-shaped ends, which are typically bolted on either side of the head and footboards, don’t create a dip or groove in between the pieces of wood where your infant’s clothes could get captured.

Cot Or Bassinet?

While cots can be used from birth, some parents choose to purchase a bassinet for their infants. Bassinets are perfect for newborns to around 6 months old as they’re smaller sized and can be quickly walked around the house, particularly those including wheels. Bassinets are particularly beneficial if you select to have your baby sleep in your room.

It’s also a good concept to think about the following:

  • Routinely inspect how tight the bolts for the costs are, based on maintenance guidelines.
  • If your cot has castors or wheels mounted to the base of the cot, does at least one pair have brakes? Keep in mind to place the cot in a safe spot and use locking brakes.

What Cot Style Is Best?

It deserves considering the space you have available before selecting your cot. It is encouraged that your baby sleeps in the very same space as you for the very first six months, so if you are restricted to an area a cot will be much better than a cot bed. Here are some other factors to consider and features to consider when acquiring the very best infant cot for your kid:

Adjustable Bed mattress heights:

Most cots have adjustable height positions, so when your child is young you can gain simple access to them. As they get older and more mobile, you can drop the base down, so they can’t climb out of the cot. 3 height options are fairly basic.


Some cots come with under-bed storage, such as large pull-out drawers to keep baby’s things, which can be useful if space is restricted.

Cot-top changer:

This is a changing unit that slots on top of your cot and used with a modification mat. This can be a fantastic space-saving function.

Teething rails:

These are plastic coverings that cover the rails and avoid damage to your infant’s teeth (and his cot!).

Drop-down sides:

As you change the base to a lower position if you struggle with a bad back, a drop-side cot, where the sides slide or fold down, suggests you can lift your baby out with ease. It deserves noting that these have been banned in the US given that 2011 after a variety of accidents but these remain legal in the UK.

Travel cots:

Whether it’s a weekend away with a buddy or a trip abroad, a travel cot is a bed your baby can sleep in when you are far from home. There are lightweight, pop-up or tent-style cots and more conventional and robust, collapsible travel cots, which are more robust however heavier.

How Do I Pick The Best Child Cot?

Purchasing the child cot is at the top of the order of business for anticipating moms and dads. But it’s not as simple as dropping into your regional shopping centre and selecting one up. It takes a reasonable bit of research to find a cot that ticks all your boxes and will match your needs long term.

Here is our ultimate infant cot buying guide with the top considerations so you do not suffer buyer’s remorse as soon as you bring the bub house from the health centre.

When you’ve completed you can head over to some wonderful edits the group has actually created whatever you require to purchase for your nursery space, for a Girl’s Baby Room, Young boy’s Nursery Room, Scandinavian/ Minimalism and a Boho Vintage Motivated Child Edit.

Does It Match Our Style?

Attempt to work out a nursery style prior to you begin shopping for cots. Not every cot will fit every nursery appearance. With such a wide range of brand names around, there is an ideal fit for any taste.

Is It Part Of A Nursery Series?

Why not make your life simple and rely on nursery brand names to do the styling for you? Lots of cots are part of a broader furniture series, like Incy Interiors, that guarantees your nursery is as trendy as can be for your valuable bulb. We are talking about changing tables, drawer cabinets and other storage pieces.

Does It Sit Within Our Budget Plan?

Agree on your total budget plan for all your child items and after that allocate a set quantity for your cot. It assists to prepare before you begin shopping so you don’t fall in love with a statement piece that runs out your reach.

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