What is a Delicate Wash Bag and How Can I Use It

delicate wash bag

What is a delicate wash bag? They come in all shapes and sizes to help make laundry a less of a chore! You may have one already, but if not, get one! They are inexpensive and the price of bulk items will pay for itself many times over. You could use them day after day for years!

What do I do with my delicate wash bag?

What can be placed in them? Anything that you wish to put in the laundry basket, coat hangers, pillows, or even a piece of fabric that you just have to have on hand because life without it would be unbearable! I personally use a cross body bag with open ends for my shirts, and an accordion style bag with closed ends for combs. They are so versatile, I have even had friends ask me to borrow them for special occasions! Once I receive them at home, I never go back to the large plastic bags or the soft wicker baskets for storing laundry.

I toss them in the washer, with low heat, on a gentle cycle with low moisture. I prefer the “low and slow” setting on my washer, as the high heat from my hot water agitator tends to pull the fibers in my washaway hairs. On delicate garments, I put them in the dryer on delicate cycle, tumble them around, and then I hang them to dry on delicate pins, racks, or hooks. If you use these gentle methods on your delicate wash bags, you will find yourself with clean delicate wash bags with out the worries about them getting ruined!