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Pamela Yaye – A Night to Remember (June 15, 2012)

Me, oh, my, Savannah Vaughn murmured, watching the tall, dark, sinfully handsome stranger stride through the doors of the establishment she managed. Lowering her feather duster to her side, she peered around the potted fern to get a better look at her well-dressed visitor. Savannah had a business degree from a distinguished New York university, and was a whiz at on-line Scrabble, but she couldn’t think of a single word to describe the lean, muscled specimen in the black, tailored suit, entering the Grey Rose Restaurant. Clutching a leather briefcase in one hand, and his Blackberry in the other, made him look large and in-charge, like a man of action.

Toying with her delicate, gold necklace, Savannah openly undressed him with her eyes. He was hot. Dreamy. Mouth-watering. The kind of man who made women stutter and swoon. And he was headed straight towards her!

The mid-day sun poured through the restaurant windows, casting a faint light around the chocolate brown hunk with the juicy, kissable lips. Savannah needed time to compose herself, to prepare to meet the hottie with the killer physique, but before she could wipe the googly-eyed expression off her face and do some deep breathing exercises, he was there. Standing at the podium looking all suave and debonair. He smelled clean and fresh, like he’d just stepped out of the shower. An image of him, clad in a white cotton towel, with beads of water glistening on his ripped chest, popped into Savannah’s head. Heat rushed through her, and desire infected her trembling body.

There was no one in Bandit Creek who looked like him, no one she’d ever been this attracted to, and Savannah feared before their conversation was over she was going to embarrass herself. That’s why she dug her high heel sandals into the weathered, beige carpet, and gripped the side of the wooden stand. Good, now she wouldn’t faint at his feet.

“Hi, um, good morning,” she managed, forcing the words out from between her dry lips. Hoping she looked decent, despite all the running around she’d done in the last three hours, Savannah ran a hand through her wavy, shoulder-length hair and smiled brightly.

“W-Welcome to the Grey Rose Restaurant. How may I help you?”

“I’m here to see the manager.”

His deep, husky voice added to his sex appeal, made him that much more attractive. “I have a one o’clock appointment with Ms. Vaughn.”

Savannah frowned. “W-we do?”

“Yes, Ms. Vaughn we do.”

His tone was light, playful, and his broad, megawatt smile revealed straight, blinding-white teeth. Sleek, black aviator sunglasses concealed his eyes, and added to his mysterious air. He was the epitome of cool, a man an action star would take pointers from, and everything about him was a serious turn on. Savannah was a thirty-five-year-old woman, who’d travelled the world over twice, but in the stranger’s presence she became a stuttering fool in a J-Crew sundress.

“I take it you didn’t get my message.”

Savannah shook her head, and tore her gaze away from his luscious mouth. “No, I didn’t. I’ve been off for the last week, and this is my first day back to work. What was the message?”

“That I’d be arriving on the twentieth, and that I was looking forward to finally meeting you.”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but who are you?”