How To Look Slimmer On Your Wedding Day: The Best Advice

With all eyes on your wedding day, the sensitive period in your life of looking for wedding dresses is not the time to be dealing with body image issues.

Although finding your wedding gown is one of the most exciting parts for Brides-to-be, it can also be a source of anxiety for those of us who are not completely secure in our appearance – and even for those who are.

Are you going to the gym practically twice a day and working hard to lose those extra pounds so you can show off your flat tummy on your wedding day? We understand! The struggle is unmistakable. Being a bride is a difficult task. Aside from handling all of the little-big wedding preparations and crossing off all of the wedding checklists, you also have to make sure you look your stylish best (and fit!) on your big day.

However, if you’re worried that there’s still time to attain that dream bod and your wedding day is approaching, we’ve got some simple and sensible techniques to help you seem thinner on your wedding day. Adhere to them and you’ll look like a diva on your wedding day!

Include Slimming Design Elements In Your Wedding Gown

Consider which aspects highlight your greatest features when determining a dress shape that works for you. You can accomplish slimming effects in the neckline, sleeves, fabric, and details by employing certain design secrets to make it a dress that shows and showcases your uniqueness and natural beauty, regardless of shape.

Examining the visual impacts that appear in the clothing is an important element of this. These are visible in the neckline, fabric, seams, and sleeves. Avoid horizontal lines and look for elements that appear to draw vertical or diagonal movements that lead the eye. Why? Vertical lines will prolong and focus attention on the centre of the body, slimming it. The diagonal will draw the eye up and down rather than across the body. Avoid horizontal effects that lead the eye straight across from side to side.

A halterneck gown with a plunging neckline, illusion features, corsetry, vertical seam lines, panels, pleats, and the direction of lace and couture finishes is an example of vertical lines.

One-shoulder sleeves, V-necks, asymmetric detailing, ruching, wrap dresses or wrap neckline are all examples of diagonal lines.

But, rather than trying to remember every single detail of what’s “right or wrong,” just know that the best dress will be one that makes you feel proud of your best features while not raising concerns about what you’re less proud of – this is the dress that complements your figure while also allowing your awesome personality to shine through.

Upper-body Slimming

A corset bodice can miraculously improve your posture, smooth the outlines, and tighten you up. They are no longer as unpleasant as they once were, especially when custom-made to your exact measurements.

The V and plunging necklines are fantastic for slimming the chest because they bring the eye down from the bust to the waist. Look for a bodice with a horizontal or diagonal line between the shoulder and the waist, which lengthens and attracts the eye to your slimmest portions.

The addition of straps or short sleeves draws attention to the face, shoulder, and waist.

A lovely lady, Scoop, V, and Square necklines will highlight your decolletage and collarbones, which are the most appealing and feminine parts of you. These necklines will trim your waist and highlight your beautiful form. A square neck or scoop neck is really popular right now, which is a bonus!

Returning to the corset bodice, visible boning that creates separate panels is fantastic for producing a smaller upper body while also providing stability. For added impact, add dreamy balloon sleeves and a belt.

Dress With A Smaller Waist

The simplest approach to building a waist is to wear a garment that highlights your shoulders and hips. Cap-sleeve, short-sleeve, boat neck, and off-the-shoulder sleeves, for example, direct emphasis across the shoulder.

Combine with a skirt that emphasizes your hips to maximize the impact.

If your waist is not well-defined or if it is larger than your chest, an empire waist is a fantastic choice. Plus-size brides may benefit from an empire gown if it embraces their slimmest part. Floral and lace details will provide a seamless transition between the upper and lower body, which may conceal your waist – decide for yourself if this is a good look for you – but can also define the waist depending on detail placement. More importantly, consider the overall balance of silhouette, neckline, and sleeve, and pick a combination that you believe showcases your greatest features.

Select The Appropriate Type Of Diamonds

Yes, your jewellery does play a significant influence in making you appear thinner on your wedding day. Don’t choose your bridal diamonds without considering your facial form and the neckline of your blouse. Avoid intricate matha patties and those with large and circular tikkas if you have a large face. Choose designs with angular motifs instead. Also, instead of necklaces that cling to your neck, choose rani haars, Ladas, or chain-like necklaces.

Stick To A Single Color Family

It is perfectly OK to choose clashing colours for your bridal lehenga. However, if you don’t want to add a lot of weight to your design, make sure you choose your colours according to the colour wheel. If you’re going to contrast, be wise and stick to one colour family. Also, make it a point to first understand your body form and skin colour before experimenting with lehenga colours.

Choose Basic Necklines

Much like the colour of your blouse, the neckline you choose for your blouse can help you look thinner. So, choose your neckline with caution. Get rid of overly decorated and collared necklines! They make you appear larger than you are. Instead, choose a neckline that is modest and basic, such as a round neck, a plain V-neck, or an understated sweetheart.

Be Picky About The Embroidery And Work You Select

Don’t let the stitching and embellishments on your bridal lehenga overwhelm you. Just because you only get married once does not mean you have to go overboard with the details. Elaborate embroidery and excessive ornamentation are unlikely to make you appear skinny. So avoid them and instead choose delicate embroidery and embellishments.

Display As Little Skin As Possible

Can’t figure out how to look thinner on your wedding day without sacrificing the look of your outfit? Play with the design of your blouse so that it conceals your flaws. For example, if you’re not comfortable baring your midriff, have some sheer fabric or a skin-coloured net added to that area to reduce skin show and allow you to be your most confident.

Heels To The Rescue!

Wearing heels gives you an exquisite strut, helps you look sleeker, and makes your legs appear longer (if your dress exposes them at all). Dressing up in heels is also fun and can add to the mood of a special occasion, so keep that in mind.

Slipping into those lovely high heels is yet another clever trick for looking thinner in your bridal lehenga! Heels not only make you appear taller, but they also make you appear leaner. However, because the day will be filled with many rituals and actions, choose a pair that is comfortable and easy to walk in, such as block heels or wedges.

Select An Appropriate Hairstyle And Makeup

Finally, pick yourself a cosmetics and hairstyle that provides your face with a slimming impression. Keep your makeup simple, with some decent contouring and a dazzling highlighter to give your face a sharp look. Similarly, for your bridal hair, choose a basic yet exquisite hairstyle, such as an open hairdo with gentle waves to add bounce or a loose updo. If you have a round face, avoid wearing poker-straight hair or flat hairstyles. They make you appear fatter.

Makeup Artists can enhance your natural beauty. A competent makeup artist understands the procedures required to highlight your best features. Contouring and highlighting in the wrong areas might draw attention to the wrong things. Furthermore, he or she will ensure that the colour of your eyeshadow, powder, and lipstick matches the overall wedding gown as well as the theme’s colour.

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