The Bandit Creek finale, CURSED, by Vivi Anna, is released!

The grand finale of the Bandit Creek Books series is here! Read Vivi Anna’s CURSED, the story of Jack, at Amazon!

cursed-banditcreekFor as long as Jack can remember he’d been a resident of Bandit Creek. For almost two hundred years he’s been roaming the streets, alone, drinking to forget about his damned life. Cursed by a demon, he can’t die, although he’s tried many times.  The only thing that can release him from this wretched existence is to find the gold he stole all those years ago and return it to those who died in the flood. Only problem is…with his mind so ruined he can’t remember where he buried it.

His salvation comes with Kristen Morgan’s arrival. The infamous psychic and the sheriff’s daughter can help him. There’s only one other person who knows where the gold is…his long dead partner Colton. And Kristen’s seen him in her dreams.

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30 Days of Secrets: Vivi Anna


Okay, I have a secret to confess.  To some people it may not come as a surprise, to others who know me differently, it might be a big shocker.  Are you ready?  Here it is…

I believe in psychic abilities.

Do I think it’s a gift from some otherworldly entity?  Nope.  I am of the belief that it is part of the brain, an ability. And some people have accessed it while most of us haven’t and never will.  Women’s intuition I believe is part of it.  That niggling doubt or feeling in the pit of the stomach. That’s a message that something is wrong.  As women we should always listen to it.  But what I’m talking about right now is psychic ability like fortune-telling and past readings and touch empathy.

Once, I went to one of those psychic fairs.  I wasn’t expecting much.  Just some parlor tricks, someone telling me some vague details about my future and my past.  But I ended up getting a reading from a young girl that made me believe.  It was actually quite by accident that I ended up at her table.  I hadn’t planned on going to that corner of the big room, but my shoelace came untied and I stopped, bent down to tie it and something caught my eye.  So I moseyed on up to this unadorned, plain-looking table, and started to flip through a photo album that was there.

There were pictures of a young girl from baby to maybe nineteen, twenty and she was with various people, I assumed her friends and family. Then I alighted on a specific picture.  I looked and looked, and realized I knew the woman in the photo.  Her name was Fran and I had worked with her for years, until she just up and quit and I never saw her again.  I’d always liked Fran.   Then this young girl came over and tapped the photo and said, “That’s my mom.”

So I ended up at a small table with this young girl and she was going to read my cards.  She told me details about my upcoming wedding, (I’d just recently got engaged, and wasn’t wearing a ring), including the day we had picked to get married.  She also told me there would be strife in our marriage, and what it would be about (ended up being true, and my marriage ended), she also told me I would suffer for my art, but eventually I would be very successful and happy.  (still working on that.)  Needless to say, she made me a believer.

My belief is probably why I had a great time creating a psychic character for my Bandit Creek book.  In LOST, Kirsten Morgan can read objects, she can find people, people that have gone missing, and/or are dead.  The dead speak to her.  She hates every minute of it, but she knows she has a gift and has to use it to help people.  Even if everyone around her doesn’t believe in her.

Do you believe in something that other people think is crazy, or strange or different?  Confess it here, and have a chance to win any book in my backlist.

* The draw has been made. The winner is Catherine! *